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MerrellTwins MC is a Public Merrell Twins Themed Minecraft Server For Minecraft Java Edition 1.8-1.19.

​There's Survival, Creative, Mini games and Custom Worlds


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BuildBattle & Guess The Build

Building styled minigames.


Players have to build something relevant to a specified theme for a certain amount of time. At the end, players will vote on whos build is the best.

Solo: 2-16 Players

Teams Of Two:

3-32 Players

Guess The Build

One player has to build something relevant to a specified theme for a certain amount of time, while the other players have to guess what the theme is before the time runs out. Quickest guesses wins!

Solo: 2-16 Players

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

Cooperation minigame.

Be the detective and kill the murderer! 

Survive as innocent till the end.

How long will you stay alive?


Railway, Offices and Santafactory

3-16 Players

Village Defense

Village Defense

Cooperation minigame.

Protect defenseless villagers from hordes of overpowered and undead zombies!

How long will you survive?


Village 1, Quarry, Hollow and Mushroom

1-10 Players



Strategic PVP minigame.

You must protect your bed, and use all the resources you have to destroy other players beds to win the final victory.

Without the bed, you cannot respawn!



Solo: 2-4 Players

Doubles: 3-8 Players

3v3v3v3: 3-12 Players

4v4v4v4: 3-16 Players

Hide And Seek

Hide And Seek

There are two user groups, seekers and hiders.

The hiders can disguise as different blocks and their goal is to hide in spots which seem inconspicuous.


If the seekers find all hiders, the seekers win!

If hiders survive, those hiders who remain undetected win!


Sand Village, Bergendorf and Isle

2-16 Players

Survival Games

Survival Games

Survive as long as you can among your foes!

Loot chests and gain advantages on others!

Last man standing wins!


Battleborn, Drybone Valley and Amazonia (Max 32 Players)

Solo: 1-24 Players

Teams Of  Two: 3-48 Players

Teams Of  Three: 3-72 Players

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Battle Royale

This minigame is a very fun game mode that brings 'Battle Royale' into Minecraft!

Customize your loadout, pick your kits, then parachute out of a plane with your teammates right into action!

Navigate the map to find loot, supply drops and shopping stations in order to prepare yourself for all the upcoming battles!

Shoot down all enemy players using guns and explosives, revive teammates, get killstreaks, survive the closing border, rank up and unlock different achievements!


Normal mode - Players compete against each other to be the last people standing. The primary objective is to eliminate other players by looting weapons from chests.

Plunder mode - There is no team elimination. In fact, players are granted an infinite amount of respawns. Players don't have to look for chests as much because their predefined loadouts are given to them right after they enter the arena! The primary objective in this gamemode is to collect cash. This is done through looting supply drops, and looting other players! When players die, they drop half of their cash. In order for players to secure the cash that they have, they must go an extraction point and release their cash there. When the timer runs out, the team with the highest amount of cash wins!

Solo: 2-100 Players

Teams Of  Two: 3-100 Players

Teams Of  Three: 3-100 Players

Teams Of  Four: 3-100 Players

Plunder Mode: 2-100 Players


Starwars Death Star

Starwars Death Star

Harry Potter World

Harry Potter World by The Floo Network

​You can join the server with the IP Address:!

The server is cross play compatible meaning java and bedrock players can both join and play together!

If you are a bedrock player you can join using the
IP Address:
Port: 19132

Note, you can expect bugs and differences in some features.

Also player heads do not show up correctly in hand or on armor stands.

They only show correctly when placed/worn.